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Fan-shaped and toric textures of mesomorphic oxadiazoles [Version 0]
11 Apr 2007 | By Sparavigna, A. , Mello, A. , Montrucchio, B. .
When a family of non symmetrical heterocycled compounds is investigated, a variety of mesophases can be observed with rather different features. Here we report the behaviour of seven different members among a family of such materials, that consists of mesomorphic oxadiazole compounds. In two of these compounds, the optical microscope investigation shows very interesting behaviours. In their smectic phases, fan-shaped and toric textures, sometimes with periodic instability, are observed. Moreover, the nematic phase displays a texture transition. Texture transitions have been previously observed only inside the nematic phase of some compounds belonging to the families of the oxybenzoic and cyclohexane acids. In these two oxadiazole compounds we can observe what we define as a "toric nematic phase", heating the samples from the smectic phase. The toric nematic texture disappears as the sample is further heated, changing into a smooth texture. Comment: 16 pages, 8 figures






  • DOI: 10.1080/01411590701466766
  • Access type: Open Access
  • Review type: Open Review
  • Publication type: Article
  • Publication date: 11 April 2007