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Recent Publications

20 May 2023| By
Grace Grace Rutherford,
Nicholas Nicholas Rutherford

This paper explores the correlation between binge eating behaviors and depression symptoms in adolescents. Understanding this relationship is crucial for effective diagnosis and treatment of these prevalent mental health conditions. The study involved 100 adolescents aged 13-19 years, utilizing standardized scales to measure binge eating behaviors and depression symptoms. Results showed a positive linear...

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12 May 2023| By
Qasim Qasim Ajao,
Makhluk Hossain Makhluk Hossain Prio

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of recent advancements in autonomous electric vehicle (AEV) within the specified region. It elaborates on the progress and comparative analysis of diverse subsystems, including energy storage, cell balancing for battery systems, vehicle charger layouts, electric vehicle motor mechanisms, and braking systems. Furthermore, this paper...

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12 May 2023| By
Miriam Miriam Mery,
+ 1
Areli Areli López-Montelongo

Los recorridos que hacemos en los espacios están relacionados con la percepción, esto tiene influencia directa en la sensación de seguridad o inseguridad. El diseño morfológico de los espacios arquitectónicos nos brinda la posibilidad de proporcionar esas condiciones de seguridad personal para recorrer el espacio sin sensación de inseguridad. El...

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12 May 2023| By
Li Li Tang,
+ 1
Guangyuan Guangyuan Hu

This research reviews and delineates the status quo and dynamics of studies on the international influence and the power of academic discourse. It develops an integrated theoretical framework on evaluating the global impact and contribution of social science and applies it to the field of China’s political science research. Based...

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10 May 2023| By
Niki Niki Vermeulen,
+ 4
Mayline Mayline Strouk

The University of Edinburgh is involved in a range of strategic partnerships, and noticed a lack of consistent, aligned evaluation practices. It proved a challenge to assess whether to enter into an agreement with a potential partner, or whether a strategic partnership indeed delivered its expectations, let alone to discuss...

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7 May 2023| By
Tridhaman Tridhaman Batra Walia

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have become a major cause of death worldwide, with an increasing number of fatalities attributed to cardiac arrest. This paper examines the need for government investment in research for better treatments and preventive measures to combat the rising prevalence of CVD. The American Health Association's data indicates...

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7 May 2023| By
Indrajit Indrajit Wadgave

Noise pollution is increasing in this era as countries' development is faster. This noise pollution causes serious non-auditory effects on human health. As a result, it needs effective controls on noise pollution. Hence, use a natural fibrereinforced composite for acoustical applications. Natural fibre-reinforced composites have various benefits, such as being eco-friendly,...

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Version 1
To what extent would creation of artificial life be beneficial to humans?
7 May 2023| By
Tridhaman Tridhaman Batra Walia

This paper discusses the potential benefits and risks of creating artificial life and raises the question of whether it would be beneficial to humans. The author explains that artificial life can be created in a lab using natural biology or engineering, and that it has the potential to revolutionize medicine...

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4 May 2023| By
Elvira Elvira Curiel-Marín,
+ 2
Lázaro Lázaro Moreno Herrera

This paper reports on a survey of 198 early career researchers from Spain, which aimed to assess their knowledge and attitudes towards predatory journals. The results revealed that the primary characteristic of predatory journals is their fast acceptance and publication times, while many other features are similar to legitimate journals....

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22 Apr 2023| By
Deyun Deyun Yin,
+ 1
Sotaro Sotaro Shibayama

Risk plays a fundamental role in scientific discoveries, and thus it is critical that the level of risk can be systematically quantified. Knowledge recombination is an important route to generating new knowledge, but it often fails. We propose a novel approach to measuring risk involved in this discovery process. Drawing...

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