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BRiM: A Modular Bicycle-Rider Modeling Framework

15/09/2023| By
Timótheüs J. Timótheüs J. Stienstra,
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Jason Jason Moore

The development of computationally efficient and validated single-track vehicle-rider models has traditionally required handcrafted one-off models. Here we introduce BRiM, a software package that facilitates building these models in a modular fashion while retaining access to the mathematical elements for handcrafted modeling when desired. We demonstrate the flexibility of the software by constructing the Carvallo-Whipple bicycle model with different numerical parameters representing different bicycles, modifying it with a front fork suspension travel model, and extending it with moving rider arms driven by joint torques at the elbows. Using these models we solve a lane-change optimal control problem for six different model variations which solve in mere seconds on a modern laptop. Our tool enables flexible and rapid modeling of single-track vehicle-rider models that give precise results at high computational efficiency.

Submitted by15 Sep 2023
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