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Donaji Martinez Garcia
German Aerospace Center - DLR

Version 1
Validation of a bicycle simulator based on objective criteria
22/09/2023| By
Donaji Donaji Martinez Garcia,
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Melina Melina Bergen

Statistics show, that bicycles become more and more popular as transportation method, e.g. 25% increase in Germany between 2019 and 2021 (Sinus, 2021). To ensure the safety of bicycle riders as vulnerable road users (VRUs), analysing critical traffic situations is essential (Wendel, 2020). To be able to explore such situations in a safe environment, a bicycle simulator was built at DLR that can be used stand-alone or in combination with other simulators in order to integrate other traffic participants such as pedestrians or car drivers (Fischer et al., 2022; Martinez Garcia, 2021). This work describes the development of the simulator with the goal of creating a realistic and therefore immersive cycling experience (Jacobi, 2022; Janssen, 2022). A detailed description of the implementation of the recent improvements is provided as well as an objective evaluation for validation of the simulator.

Version 1
Validation of a bicycle simulator based on objective criteria
28/02/2023| By
Donaji Donaji Martinez Garcia,
+ 2
Min Min Zhao

The aim of the study presented in this paper was to first evaluate a new control logic together with hardware changes done to the DLR bicycle simulator and identify in which areas it is possible to fine tune the simulator so that it allows for a more realistic behavior. For this purpose, two different versions of the simulator will be compared based on objective criteria first in a simulator study and then to data of an equipped research bicycle.