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Ioanna Grypari

21/04/2023| By
Jerónimo Jerónimo Arenas-García,
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Lena Lena Tsipouri

IntelComp, a Horizon 2020 project, integrates AI-based systems and human-in-the-loop methodologies to create a comprehensive end-to-end platform for research and innovation (R&I) policy-makers and administrators. Prioritizing Open and FAIR data alongside Open, Transparent, and Reproducible methodologies, the project aims to enhance transparency, collaboration, and efficiency in R&I decision-making. This approach supports alternative research assessment methods, aligning with Open Science principles. IntelComp's technology-agnostic framework addresses diverse R&I decision-making requirements and adapts to specific thematic or national contexts. A use case of indicators for agenda setting in the domain of Energy in the EU is showcased through the STI Viewer, an interactive data and visualization platform created in the project.