Tanja Herdt
Delft University of Technology
Tanja Herdt is an Associate Professor of Urban Design in the Department of Urbanism at TU-Delft. She is both an academic and a practicing urban designer with an emphasis on urban transformation, methods of urban analysis, and history and theory of the city. Tanja’s work links theories and methods from architectural history and anthropology to investigate questions of equality, power, ecology, and social change in the built environment. Tanja received her doctorate from the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich, where she also worked as head of research for sustainable settlement design at the research centre ETH-CASE. In her work she focuses on theories and methods that uncover the dependencies of social practices and urban form, the future design of housing and public space, and the influence of digitalization on city design. Her work on Cedric Price was published under the title The City and the Architecture of Change at Park Books.
Open Review
7 Oct 2021
| By
Tanja Tanja Herdt,
Arend Arend Jonkman

This paper analyzes public debates around land use and densification in Switzerland and the Netherlands to understand how private and public interests are related in the context of urban growth. The paper is based on the hypothesis that, while there is consensus on the desirability of densification, its implementation can...