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  1. The work has not been previously published, nor been submitted to another publisher.
  2. If the work has been published on a preprint or repository server, reference is made in the current submission.
  3. Where available, URLs for the references have to be provided.
  4. The submitting author has received permission from the co-authors to submit their work to The Evolving Scholar.
  5. You have obtained permission from the original owners to reuse their photographs, illustrations or drawings.
  6. You agree to follow the code of conduct set by Orvium and TU Delft.
  7. You agree to publish your work Open Access under CreativeCommon compatible license (CC0, CC-BY, CC BY-ND) and to have your work undergoing an Open Peer-Review process.
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07 January 2021 | By

Milk discovery and processing enabled human settling and thriving in various settings. The discovery of cheese led to the production of whey as dairy by-product. Although it can find application in food, beverages, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and medical treatment, cheese whey is a massive dairying residue world-wide (154 Mm3·y-1)...