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'Enabling health, care and well-being through design research' is the title of ARCH22 – the 5th Architecture Research Care and Health conference – organised at the the department of Architecture and the Built Environment in Delft as the main venue and Erasmus MC in Rotterdam as co-location – the Netherlands – 22nd until 24th of August 2022.

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2 Feb 2023| By
Adriënne Adriënne van der Schoor

Aim: To determine the effect of relocating to a hospital with only single-occupancy rooms on environmental contamination with highly resistant microorganisms (HRMO). Introduction. In May, 2018, the Erasmus MC University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, relocated from an old hospital building with mainly multiple-occupancy rooms with shared bathrooms to a...

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20 Aug 2022| By
Liesbeth Liesbeth van Heel,
Clarine Clarine Van Oel

The design of a new hospital is typically used as a catalyst for change, redesign and implementation of new work processes to improve health services. Perceived outcomes after relocation may be linked to the success of co-design and stakeholder engagement processes. Especially in striking the right balance between the building...

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19 Aug 2022| By
Stefanie Stefanie Lange,
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Lukas Lukas Windlinger

Administrative non-patient workstations of medical staff are often rarely occupied, as physicians use various spaces in their daily routine. Occupancy data for administrative workplaces in hospitals are scarce but needed as a basis for planning for costly projects. Thus, the objective of this secondary data analysis was to compare the...

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17 Aug 2022| By
Federica Federica Romagnoli,
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Teresa Teresa Villani

This paper presents an ongoing research to define the framework of a computational design approach based on the idea of spatial analysis and spatial synthesis to implement multi-criteria evaluations and provide evidence of the performance of the design alternatives in the specific case of home adaptation for healthcare at home....

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12 Aug 2022| By
Anne Anne Symons

There is an urgent need for further research in hospital design and delivery to understand the integrative, nuanced and intricate nature of healthcare project delivery and design management. Historically, each new hospital programme develops a new delivery model that takes a different approach to the management of design. However, this...

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1 Aug 2022| By
Alvaro Alvaro Valera Sosa,
Göran Göran Lindahl

In planning an urban hospital, the complex priority-setting of goals often neglects how landscape designs impact ecosystem quality and threatens public health. As a result, the difficulty in counteracting the urban heat island effects and reaching sustainable development goals on time exponentially increases. In this context, a research workshop conducted...

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26 Jul 2022| By
Carolina Carolina Kolodziej,
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Gesine Gesine Marquardt

1) objective/aim: This paper establishes typologies and spatial criteria by analyzing floorplans of radiotherapy departments in German hospitals. 2) background: The configuration of room clus-ters is a useful tool in early stages of planning radiotherapy departments. Currently there is a lack of planning requirements. With the implementation of evidence-based typologies,...

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Stress reduction through needs-oriented interior design
24 Jul 2022| By
Ute Ute Ziegler,
Nicole Nicole Hartmann

Based on two application-oriented research projects 2012-2014 Modular Cocoon and 2019-2022 Cocoon 2.0, which have been carried out in a Swiss psychiatric hospital, it is presented how a systemic research approach is used to implement a needs-oriented design that can address the needs of different disease patterns, gender and age...

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24 Jul 2022| By
Liesbeth Liesbeth van Heel,
+ 2
Clarine Clarine van Oel

The COVID-19 pandemic placed healthcare design at the heart of the crisis. Hospitals faced challenges such as increasing their ICU-capacity and enabling physical-distancing measures to prevent infectious spread. They also needed to co-house (suspected) COVID patients and non-COVID patients with different requirements enforced separate entrances and routes to keep staff...

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19 Jul 2022| By
annemarie annemarie eijkelenboom,
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Daniel Daniel Van den Berg

Research highlights 1) This paper explains how EBD principles in the design of an academic hospital were inte-grated in the design 2) Design solutions, based on EBD principles, were integrated on different scale levels.

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