Clarine van Oel
Delft University of Technology
2 Feb 2023| By
Adriënne Adriënne van der Schoor

Aim: To determine the effect of relocating to a hospital with only single-occupancy rooms on environmental contamination with highly resistant microorganisms (HRMO). Introduction. In May, 2018, the Erasmus MC University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, relocated from an old hospital building with mainly multiple-occupancy rooms with shared bathrooms to a...

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20 Aug 2022| By
Liesbeth Liesbeth van Heel,
Clarine Clarine Van Oel

The design of a new hospital is typically used as a catalyst for change, redesign and implementation of new work processes to improve health services. Perceived outcomes after relocation may be linked to the success of co-design and stakeholder engagement processes. Especially in striking the right balance between the building...

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24 Jul 2022| By
Liesbeth Liesbeth van Heel,
+ 2
Clarine Clarine van Oel

The COVID-19 pandemic placed healthcare design at the heart of the crisis. Hospitals faced challenges such as increasing their ICU-capacity and enabling physical-distancing measures to prevent infectious spread. They also needed to co-house (suspected) COVID patients and non-COVID patients with different requirements enforced separate entrances and routes to keep staff...

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Cohousing for elderly
15 Jul 2022| By
Clarine Clarine van Oel,
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Raymond Raymond Spinnewijn

In 2015 a profound change in the financing of the Dutch health care system was initiated. Pur-pose of the reforms was also to enable elderly to live at home as long as possible. One of the consequences of the 2015 reforms was that care providers closed care homes. It was...

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