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This community is to exchange ideas and thoughts regarding environmental studies and collaborate in research related to environmental issues.

06/02/2024| By
Md Reiazul Md Reiazul Haque

We examine the connection between firm performance and a CEO's previous position (inside or outside the firm), using Covid-19 as an exogenous shock. Firms led by insider CEOs outperformed those led by outsider CEOs in terms of return on assets during the Covid-19 crisis period in 2020, but there was no performance differential in the period before the crisis. Additional tests indicate that outperformance under insider CEOs is observed in firms holding more cash and firms with a higher proportion of internally promoted non-CEO executives. These findings have important implications for boards of directors making CEO appointments.

06/02/2024| By
zafar imam zafar imam khan

There are different marketing strategies are available to promote the library resources, services, products, and facilities. In the marketing strategies some of the strategy such as community surveys, innovations, publicity and public relations, advertising, communication skills, staff training and innovation, networking and pricing are marketing strategies adopted to know the librarians’ views on marketing strategies. This study is quantitative analysis of various libraries across UAE in higher education pertaining to the various marketing and promotion strategies of their products and services. The study focuses on different types of promotional activities and strategies followed by the surveyed libraries to enhance the utilization of library resources and services. Furthermore, the study tries to understand the attitude of librarians towards strategies of library products and services in the higher education institution of UAE The study is primarily descriptive in nature with survey type method for collecting the data from the respondents. To collect data, census methods was applied for collecting the data from the library professionals and convenient sampling was used to collect the data from the users. Structured questionnaire was used as data collection tool. Two sets of data involving library professionals and user community were chosen as sample population involving 100 and 250 sample size respectively. 83 responses from the library professionals and 200 questionnaires from the user’s community were analysed using statistical tools. The findings of the study clearly showed that library users were much exposed to library resources, facility, and services in the surveyed environment by having access both physical and digital library promotional materials. A good number of IT and web enabled library use promotional activities existed in almost all the UAE higher education institutions. Half of the libraries in the surveyed environment do have marketing division in their organizational chart. User satisfaction in the surveyed UAE institutions on the library resources facilities and services were encouraging while the surveyed Higher education institutions need to have a greater number of updated scholarly information resources and services, particularly the high-end peer reviewed research journals. Library marketing is being one of the upcoming and prominent areas of library and information sciences research, particularly in the high-tech information explosion environment the present study is of very much relevant to the higher education environment.

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CSR for Social Impact
06/02/2024| By
Meera Meera Almarri

Abstract Initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can contribute to many programs for sustainable development. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is considered to have been slower to change in CSR than have other Western developed countries. The purpose of this research is to explore examples in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of how project initiatives in CSR and sustainable development can facilitate heightened awareness, engagement, and execution of action for sustainability. This research utilizes qualitative case study methods analysing a United Nations (UN) supported annual youth engagement program focused on implementation of sustainable development projects in the UAE. The varying degrees of project complexity and “programmification” of sustainability activities in the UAE reveals a more systematic and mature stage of CSR and sustainable development projects and programs than is reported in the literature. The application of project management to organize, implement, align, and monitor sustainability-centred programs provides knowledge relevant to the UAE and other countries interested in the strategic management of change. The study demonstrates the application and value of project management for implementing sustainable development initiatives and highlights the collaborative contribution of corporate and governmental stakeholders to project management in organizations. An important area for future research on sustainable development in the MENA region is to study corporate and public sector partnerships in CSR projects and sustainability programs.

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Moetaz Elsergany Hamdan bin mohammed smart university
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Zafar Imam Khan Hamdan Bin Mohammad Smart University; American university in the Emiratres
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Dr. Abdurrahman Almekhlafi Hamdan Bin Mohamed Smart University
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