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Moetaz Elsergany
Hamdan bin mohammed smart university

12/07/2023| By
Athra Athra AlKaabi,
Moetaz Moetaz Elsergany

Since the 1950s, plastic manufacturers have produced around 8.3 billion tons of plastic globally. There is a massive use of plastic in all aspects of life, Some of the used plastics have a very short life cycle and end up being disposed of in landfills or dumped in the sea. Also, some plastic products, such as bags, and plastic films used as packaging material, may end up littered everywhere in the terrestrial environment. Because of its physical properties, plastic waste can pose a risk to the livestock population as well as other animals that may accidentally eat it. The aim of this study is to investigate the risk associated with plastic waste littering on livestock such as Camels in one of the selected areas in the UAE, as well as examine possible solutions that can mitigate the risk of plastic littering on livestock.