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01/08/2023| By
Serhii Serhii Yaremko

The name of Vladimir Propp and the title of his book "Morphology of the folktale" both are well-known in the world, not for only the literary specialists, today. Many scholars try to find the Functions of dramatis personae in various writings or films, we can see it during watching videos on YouTube or reading science articles (both the ways are equal in my opinion). But what they actually mean, those "Functions of dramatis personae" (I have found the concept of "Functions of Propp" once as well)? Okey, not actually but in general. In this paper I am showing one of the way to answer the question.

30/07/2023| By
Connor Connor Engelsberg

The growing importance of alternative asset management companies and their significant effects on big businesses and the financial markets are examined in this thesis. These companies, which manage huge assets totaling trillions of dollars, have emerged as important actors as the traditional investing landscape changes. This study examines the degree of control and impact big firms have over businesses and marketplaces using a qualitative research design. The tactics used by these corporations in shareholder activism and corporate governance decision-making are looked at through studying in- depth interviews and case studies. The study emphasizes how alternative asset management affects a range of stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and the economy as a whole. When navigating the complexity of alternative assets, it highlights the value of diversification and thorough scrutiny for investors. In order to address potential dangers and conflicts of interest, the research also recommends strengthened regulatory oversight. Furthermore, the part played by these companies in promoting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in investment decisions is investigated. 5 Findings show that alternative asset management companies wield a variety of control over organizations around the world, differing across legal systems and economic advancement. It is also noted that corporate control and labor market rules are related. The thesis adds to the body of literature by illuminating the particular qualities of alternative asset management companies and their changing influence on societal and financial environments.

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Orvium Community
Literary Clichés and the Era of Revolutions
25/07/2023| By
Серж Серж Я.

This article, using mostly the movie clichés, reveals the deep connection between often un-valued literary clichés and the Era of Revolutions in the human history; it is the continuation of the well-known Morphology of the folktale at the same time. For those readers who have idea about the Six main plot archetypes in literature, discovered by Prof Matthew Jockers, such an article is able to provide another one illustration for that concept as well.

18/07/2023| By
Bamidele Bamidele Okoli,
+ 3
Ruth Ruth Martins

Background and Objective: Particularly, the processes of quarrying produce a lot of waste that has a lot of different mineral compositions, making it a potential secondary raw material for the formulation of surface coating products. The paradigm of a circular economy calls for a greater effort to locate suitable uses for this raw material. The goal of this investigation was to find low-cost local alternatives and adaptable raw materials for the manufacturing of water-based paint, with a focus on replacing the opacifier and filler without reducing the end product’s quality. Materials and Methods: The quarry waste (QW) was pre-treated to produce treated quarry waste (TQW) and characterized for its mineral composition, surface morphology and crystallinity. Quixcoat, an emulsion-based paint, was prepared by NIS guidelines and subjected to physiochemical analysis. Results: The mineralogy analysis of the QW revealed the presence of anthophyllite, muscovite, quartz, garnet and albite, except orthoclase. The parameters of the Quixcoat were found to be within an acceptable range when compared to the Nigeria industrial standards and specifications. When compared to paint made from titanium dioxide and aluminum silicate, the properties of the Quixcoat, such as viscosity, density and hard drying time, showed improvements. However, it has a slightly high pH and a relatively low surface drying property, which are desirable properties for tropical paints. Conclusion: Hence, QW has the potential of serving as a potential secondary raw material for paint production.

12/07/2023| By
Athra Athra AlKaabi,
Moetaz Moetaz Elsergany

Since the 1950s, plastic manufacturers have produced around 8.3 billion tons of plastic globally. There is a massive use of plastic in all aspects of life, Some of the used plastics have a very short life cycle and end up being disposed of in landfills or dumped in the sea. Also, some plastic products, such as bags, and plastic films used as packaging material, may end up littered everywhere in the terrestrial environment. Because of its physical properties, plastic waste can pose a risk to the livestock population as well as other animals that may accidentally eat it. The aim of this study is to investigate the risk associated with plastic waste littering on livestock such as Camels in one of the selected areas in the UAE, as well as examine possible solutions that can mitigate the risk of plastic littering on livestock.

09/07/2023| By
Viktoriia Viktoriia Bulatnikova

This research paper will address some aspects regarding digitalisation of business with an emphasize on mobile marketing as well as provide some examples of the businesses that are currently existing and operating in the era of rapid technological progress.

02/07/2023| By
Mayra Mayra Poitena

This case study aims to verify the effectiveness of the results of food hypersensitivity tests as a diagnostic method by analyzing the immune response in four dogs and one cat with symptoms suggestive of the diagnosis: digestive, respiratory, neurological and dermatological. After the results, the animals were submitted to natural diets without including the foods that resulted positive in IgE, IgG, IgA and IgM in the tests. The five animals submitted to the exams responded favorably with complete or partial remission of symptoms.

01/07/2023| By
Juan Camilo Juan Camilo Naranjo

Colombia has different challenges that coincide with those of many countries worldwide, such as poverty, unemployment, inequality, economic slowdown, insecurity, polarization, energy transition, among others. These challenges are too big for governments or the public sector to solve them easily; therefore, the private sector is an option, taking into account that the largest portion of the national GDP is contributed by this sector, which in turn generates employment, accelerates the economy, reduces poverty levels and other benefits that contribute to society. In addition to the advantages for the country generated by the culture of entrepreneurship, there is a type of organization that has been gaining strength for some years; it is social entrepreneurship, which consists of companies that are managed like any other to grow, with the quality that these have social objectives in their raison d'être. An option that adopts the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

11/06/2023| By
Roman Roman Kuzma

The article examines the economy mechanism concept and basic principles. The problems and prospects for the implementation of the new technologies in global economy are identified. The mentioned research in this article is based on relevant scientific papers. Based on the analyzed sources, current trends are studied. That analysis allowed to forecast the directions of the future economy’s development.

22/05/2023| By
Qasim Qasim Ajao,
+ 1
Lanre Gbenga Lanre Gbenga Sadeeq

Mobile payment has become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of smartphones and their applications. However, its adoption in African countries has been limited, despite its potential to simplify our lives. This study aims to enhance our understanding of the factors that affect the acceptance of mobile payment in Nigeria. To achieve this, the paper explores the impact of "network externalities" in addition to traditional technology acceptance factors. The study hypothesizes that the key drivers of mobile payment acceptance are performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, trust, and network externality. The research findings suggest that while traditional drivers still play a role in customers' willingness to adopt mobile payment, network externalities have the strongest impact. Although the results did not support the influence of effort expectancy, the paper provides recommendations for future research.

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