Manuel Martin-Marquez
An innovative, committed and meticulous senior data scientist-engineer passionate about Blockchain technologies with exceptional management expertise, outstanding problem-solving prowess, excellent multilingual communication skills, and a proven track record improving European CERN's data-driven accelerator complex control systems and applying new paradigms for Big Data analytics, process, and management. Currently unlocking the application of blockchain technologies at the lab. Skills and Key Competencies - Influential, encouraging leader & strong team player - Shrewd and incisive decision-maker/problem-solver - Highly organized with meticulous attention to detail - Natural ability to engage across all levels/cultures - Professionalism, pragmatism & integrity at all times - Comprehensive data analytics expertise - Data management/engineering skills - Exceptional project & change management prowess - Multidisciplinary team working and training acumen - Outstanding communication & presentation prowess
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Criptodivisas: ¿una disrupción jurídica en la eurozona?
24 Mar 2023| By
M. Carmen M. Carmen Pastor

La tecnología Blockchain despierta un creciente interés entre los ciudadanos, empresas y legisladores de la Unión Europea. No obstante, acerca de la tecnología de Blockchain, se sigue más de cerca un área en particular, la moneda. El Banco central europeo (BCE), en su informe de febrero 2015 sobre monedas virtuales...

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Evolution of the Hadoop Platform and Ecosystem for High Energy Physics
11 Nov 2022| By
Manuel Manuel Martin-Marquez,
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Manuel Manuel Martin-Marquez

The interest in using scalable data processing solutions based on Apache Hadoop ecosystem is constantly growing in the High Energy Physics (HEP) community. This drives the need for increased reliability and availability of the central Hadoop service and underlying infrastructure provided to the community by the CERN IT department. This...

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12 Mar 2016| By
Martın-Marquez Martın-Marquez Manuel

CERN’s accelerator complex generates a very large amount of data. A large volumen of heterogeneous data is constantly generated from control equipment and monitoring agents. These data must be stored and analysed. Over the decades, CERN’s researching and engineering teams have applied different approaches, techniques and technologies for this purpose....

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