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13/08/2023| By
anshumali anshumali ambasht

Real-time data integration and analytics have emerged as critical components in the era of big data, enabling organizations to harness the power of data and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making. This article provides a comprehensive exploration of real-time data integration and analytics, emphasizing its significance, challenges, techniques, and applications. By understanding the intricacies of real-time data integration and analytics, organizations can leverage this approach to drive operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge in the data-driven landscape.

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Computer Science
Steganography Techniques - An Overview
31/05/2023| By
Amitava Amitava Podder,
+ 1
Smaranika Smaranika Roy

Cryptography, or the use of code, has a sinister relative called steganography. Steganography is supposed to offer confidentiality whereas encryption is said to provide privacy. A method of concealed communication is steganography. The process of steganography involves hiding a message in a suitable carrier, such as an image or audio file, which can then be transported to the receiver without anybody being aware that it contains a hidden message. This is a method that civil rights organizations in oppressive states, for instance, might utilize to propagate their message without the knowledge of their own government. This paper aims to discuss different techniques for implementing steganography to multimedia files (text, still images, audio, and video).

30/04/2023| By
Bibhu Bibhu Dash

In the current world, every day, we are dealing with one or other insurance products like auto insurance, property insurance, health insurance or life insurance, etc. The world produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and the insurance and financial industry produces 1 quintillion bytes of data (Marr, 2019). So, natural language processing is the key to finding a sense of this volume of data. In this paper, we are trying to explain real-time data streaming. We will evaluate the importance of sentiment analysis using cloud-based natural language processing (NLP) and how it shapes the insurance industry by providing a 360-degreeview of the customer decision support system.

30/04/2023| By
Bibhu Bibhu Dash,
+ 1
Pawankumar Pawankumar Sharma

In this era of Industry 5.0, technological shifts are affecting many industries, and the impact that excessive contemporary digitalization has had on the mindset of today’s students is why this study subject is highly significant. The qualitative shifts in technology are the driving force behind the digitization of society. A new style of life in a digital environment and the development of generations who were born and studied in the environment are directly tied to the global trend toward the digitization of education. This trend is occurring all over the globe. The findings of this research were based on a survey that evaluated the effectiveness of digitalization in education. The survey was conducted at four Indian and Bangladesh higher education institutions comprising 125 students and 25 faculty members using a verified survey instrument. The poll was designed to identify and evaluate the most significant impacts of digitalization, which were determined based on an examination of recent research that has been conducted on digitized education. The questionnaire used a Likert scale, and respondents were asked to rate the significance of several aspects of digitalization on a scale from one to five. The study’s originality lies in its effort to objectively evaluate the internal digitalization process and identify potential new avenues for research in Edtech. The study’s findings, which take the students’ psychology into account, can potentially change the educational system and progress higher education’s digitization.

30/04/2023| By
Satyajit Satyajit Panigrahy,
+ 1
Ramya Ramya Thatikonda

As technology advances, data volume and velocity increase in all domains. Data is everywhere, which creates a data mess situation in many organizations. Sometimes, it makes challenging to think how this data can be utilized to work for the betterment of the organization without storing it in many places in different formats or duplicating it again and again. There comes the ‘Data Mesh’ design, which is a relatively new concept focusing on data storage, data governance, and data management in an efficient way to encourage self-service data handling. Many organizations are now considering this new “Data Mesh” concept to address the major issues and barriers in data management and usage. They realize that by focusing on domain-specific data products enabled by common support functions, they can ensure flexible access to data with the significant benefit of reduced time-to-market and fast-to-product development. The data Mesh incorporates contemporary architectural concepts and focuses on data management rather than connectivity and orchestration.

03/03/2023| By
Barnaby Barnaby Collins,
Steven Steven Bradley

In modern music, sound synthesisers are everywhere. A sound synthesiser (henceforth ‘synthesiser’) is a physical or software device which generates a sound based on some set of input parameters. These devices have an extremely steep learning curve, and often require significant financial investment, so have very low accessibility. In this paper, we present a tool which allows users to creatively generate their own sounds (henceforth ‘patches’) with no prior knowledge required, and with no physical or digital dependencies other than a modern web browser. This is accomplished by applying genetic algorithms to automatically explore the parameter space of a simulated modular synthesiser, with the user selecting their favourite sound on a regular basis. Full control over the parameters is also provided, as well as the option to export each patch in the Faust DSP format, for more experienced users. The intended outcome is to produce a novel, easy-to-use, browser-based synthesiser generation tool that improves upon previous work on this field and allows users of all categories to take part in sound design.

21/02/2023| By
Dante Manuel Dante Manuel Macazana Fernández,
+ 1
Salomón Marcos Salomón Marcos Berrocal Villegas

El contexto educativo actual que busca la innovación, con numerosas vías de aprendizaje individual y colaborativo, necesita integrar de forma simultánea y en profundidad el aprendizaje presencial y el online (a distancia). Requiere cambios de paradigma, que le permitan incorporar todas las posibilidades que aportan las tecnologías digitales: flexibilidad, desarrollo de proyectos grupales e individuales, trazabilidad, posibilidad de crear itinerarios más personalizados. También debe incorporar todas las formas de aprendizaje activo que ayuden a los estudiantes a desarrollar sus habilidades cognitivas y socioemocionales. Más que educación a distancia, se debe hablar de educación flexible y en línea.

13/02/2023| By
Remzi Remzi Cavdar

De hypothese dat dwangmatig gebruik van sociale media tot negatieve consequenties kan leiden bij jongeren (11 tot 18 jaar), wordt in dit literatuuronderzoek bevestigd. Men kan stellen dat dwangmatig sociale mediagebruik jongeren negatief beïnvloedt, dat het tot slechtere schoolprestaties en concentratieproblemen leidt en dat het bestaande klachten zelfs versterken, zoals depressie, impulsiviteit en hyperactiviteit (ADHD). Eerdere onderzoeken hebben geen verband aangetoond tussen sociale media en de negatieve gevolgen daarvan bij jongeren. Dat kan verklaard worden doordat in die tijd sociale media nog in de kinderschoenen stond, nog niet zoveel werd gebruikt, alles razendsnel veranderde, en wetenschappers nog niet wisten hoe ze dit het beste konden onderzoeken. Dat is echter aanzienlijk veranderd naarmate de sociale media een belangrijkere rol gingen spelen in de maatschappij. De laatste onderzoeken hebben dan ook uitgewezen dat er wel degelijk allerlei negatieve gevolgen zijn voor jongeren. Er zijn veel verontrustende cijfers dat sociale media-verslaving de laatste jaren enorm is toegenomen. Vanaf 2013 tot 2022 is er een stijgende lijn te zien in het aantal jongeren dat eraan lijdt. Gezien de cijfers lijkt het dat de lockdowns in verband met de coronapandemie hebben bijgedragen aan het bijna verdubbelen van de cijfers. In die periode is de sociale media-verslaving dus explosief toegenomen.

12/03/2016| By
Martın-Marquez Martın-Marquez Manuel

CERN’s accelerator complex generates a very large amount of data. A large volumen of heterogeneous data is constantly generated from control equipment and monitoring agents. These data must be stored and analysed. Over the decades, CERN’s researching and engineering teams have applied different approaches, techniques and technologies for this purpose. This situation has minimised the necessary collaboration and, more relevantly, the cross data analytics over different domains. These two factors are essential to unlock hidden insights and correlations between the underlying processes, which enable better and more efficient daily-based accelerator operations and more informed decisions. The proposed Big Data Analytics as a Service Infrastructure aims to: (1) integrate the existing developments; (2) centralise and standardise the complex data analytics needs for CERN’s research and engineering community; (3) deliver real-time, batch data analytics and information discovery capabilities; and (4) provide transparent access and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), mechanisms to the various and mission-critical existing data repositories. This paper presents the desired objectives and properties resulting from the analysis of CERN’s data analytics requirements; the main challenges: technological, collaborative and educational and; potential solutions.

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