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3 Mar 2023| By
Barnaby Barnaby Collins,
Steven Steven Bradley

In modern music, sound synthesisers are everywhere. A sound synthesiser (henceforth ‘synthesiser’) is a physical or software device which generates a sound based on some set of input parameters. These devices have an extremely steep learning curve, and often require significant financial investment, so have very low accessibility. In this...

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21 Feb 2023| By
Dante Manuel Dante Manuel Macazana Fernández,
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Salomón Marcos Salomón Marcos Berrocal Villegas

El contexto educativo actual que busca la innovación, con numerosas vías de aprendizaje individual y colaborativo, necesita integrar de forma simultánea y en profundidad el aprendizaje presencial y el online (a distancia). Requiere cambios de paradigma, que le permitan incorporar todas las posibilidades que aportan las tecnologías digitales: flexibilidad, desarrollo...

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13 Feb 2023| By
Remzi Remzi Cavdar

De hypothese dat dwangmatig gebruik van sociale media tot negatieve consequenties kan leiden bij jongeren (11 tot 18 jaar), wordt in dit literatuuronderzoek bevestigd. Men kan stellen dat dwangmatig sociale mediagebruik jongeren negatief beïnvloedt, dat het tot slechtere schoolprestaties en concentratieproblemen leidt en dat het bestaande klachten zelfs versterken, zoals...

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12 Mar 2016| By
Martın-Marquez Martın-Marquez Manuel

CERN’s accelerator complex generates a very large amount of data. A large volumen of heterogeneous data is constantly generated from control equipment and monitoring agents. These data must be stored and analysed. Over the decades, CERN’s researching and engineering teams have applied different approaches, techniques and technologies for this purpose....

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