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Weather Assistant

06/06/2024| By
Swaraj Swaraj Sodadasi

This paper presents about “Weather Assistant” a web application utilizing speech recognition using a web browser (SRWB) which permits browsing or surfing the internet with the use of a standard voice-only and vocal user interface (VUL) development and using speech synthesis to act as a voice assistant in a web application. This web application is a software program that provides up-to-date weather information and forecasts for a particular location or region. This web application is designed for mobile devices, desktop computers. From an abstract view, our web application will have the features like displaying current weather conditions for the user's location, including temperature, humidity and wind speed with voice commands so we can say that this application can be regarded as a voice assistant in web application domain. It could also determine the weather conditions for up to a week from the current date in the particular location. Upon developing the web application we will implement displaying the satellite maps of the user's location, providing information on current weather patterns and potential weather events. We will make this web application to weather alerts. So this web application could send alerts and notifications to the user when severe weather is expected in their area, allowing them to take appropriate safety measures. And this application could provide access to historical weather data for the user's location, allowing them to see how weather patterns have changed over time. The user can use built in voice assistant to know the weather of certain location. This is all done by using open source Application Programming 2 Interface (API’s) that includes Open meteo API which provides weather information of a location and acts as a voice assistant using Web Speech API.s. The SRWB system operates by accepting user input in the form of vocal commands, which are then converted into HTTP requests. This process involves the use of an algorithm within the system. The primary objective of this algorithm is to accomplish various tasks related to web content. These tasks include classification, analysis, and extraction of significant information from web pages. Once these operations are completed, the system sends the identified important parts of the web pages back to the end-user. In summary, the SRWB system combines vocal command input, HTTP request conversion, and algorithmic processing to effectively handle web content for the user. This web application is deployed in Microsoft Azure so that this web application can be be accessed globally.

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Submitted by6 Jun 2024
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