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Young people’s voices on peace and security in Kyrgyzstan

20/02/2023| By
Kanatbek Kanatbek Abdiev

Young people’s voices on peace and security in Kyrgyzstan Young people in Kyrgyzstan have unique experiences of conflict and can play a crucial role in building peace. But often they are seen as part of a problem rather than as part of a solution – and are overlooked by those responsible for supporting and protecting them. Yet they have shown adaptability, pragmatism and innovation in their responses to the challenging and changing contexts in which they live and work. Based on a participatory workshop with young women and men from southern Kyrgyzstan, this briefing explores barriers they face in having their voices heard. It makes the case for the meaningful inclusion of young women and men in discussions related to peace and security, and recommends ways in which they can be supported to become leaders and role models in their communities.

Submitted by20 Feb 2023
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