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Acoustical and Mechanical Characterization of Natural Fibre-Reinforced Composite : A Review

07/05/2023| By
Indrajit Indrajit Wadgave

Noise pollution is increasing in this era as countries' development is faster. This noise pollution causes serious non-auditory effects on human health. As a result, it needs effective controls on noise pollution. Hence, use a natural fibrereinforced composite for acoustical applications. Natural fibre-reinforced composites have various benefits, such as being eco-friendly, easy to manufacture, and effective in cost, and natural fibre improves the sound absorption, mechanical strength, and structural stability of the composite. The present review describes various techniques for measuring the acoustical and mechanical characteristics of natural fibre-reinforced composites. In addition to these acoustical (sound absorption coefficient, sound transmission losses, etc.) and mechanical (tensile, flexural, impact, etc.) characteristics are reviewed. Furthermore, this review paper studied an influencing parameter that affects the acoustical and mechanical characteristics of natural fibre-reinforced composites. these influencing parameters, such as fibre properties, density, porosity, sample thickness, binder amount, and filler material. In natural fibre-reinforced composites, increasing the percentage of the fibre density, binder amount, and filler material enhances sound absorption and mechanical strength, but these parameters have certain limitations, and crossing the limitation decreases the characteristics. reduce the porosity, decrease sound absorption, and increase sample thickness to increase acoustical characteristics. The conclusion states that the acoustical and mechanical characteristics of natural fibre-reinforced composites are enhanced when considering the performance-influencing parameters.

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Submitted by7 May 2023
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Indrajit Wadgave
"SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pandharpur"
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