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12 Mar 2023| By
Michael Michael Nnaji,
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Princewill Princewill Ikpeka

Water alternating gas (WAG) processes are usually applied in gas floods to improve oil recovery. However, the best time to inject gas during WAG enhanced oil recovery process is a major challenge in the petroleum industry. Some of the factors that affect WAG performance were investigated using Schlumberger ECLIPSE 100...

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Version 1
Mobile App for Addressing Social Issue to PMC Using React Native.
23 Feb 2023| By
Pratik Pratik Nichit,
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Yash Yash Thakare

Numerous services, including urban biodiversity and eco-systems, water and waste water management, sanitation, solid waste management, traffic and transportation (PMPL), energy, and climate change are offered to Pune residents by the Pune Municipal Corporation. This survey paper discusses how the smart city grievance reporting system will alter how complaints are...

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