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Hematology in Diabetes Mellitus; Diagnostic and Prognostic Role of Complete Blood Count and Hemogram Derived Novel Markers in Diabetes Mellitus and Its Complications

10/09/2023| By
kuladeepa kuladeepa ananda vaidya

Diabetes mellitus a chronic, progressive, metabolic disorder characterised by hyperglycemia initially because of tissue insulin resistance and gradually progressing to complete loss of secretory activity of the beta cells of the pancreas, most frequently caused by impaired insulin secretion, resistance to tissue actions of insulin, or a combination of both. Study of hematological changes in diabetic patients along with complete blood count(CBC), hemogram derived novel markers including Neutrophil-Lymphocyte ratio (NLR), Monocyte-Lymphocyte ratio (MLR),Red cell distribution width-Review Article 2 Platelet ratio (RPR),Mean Platelet Volume to Lymphocyte Ratio (MPVLR) Platelet-Lymphocyte ratio (PLR) etc and its diagnostic and prognostic value in diabetes mellitus and its complications are reviewed in this literature review which may shed fresh light on developing new treatment plans on diabetic patients and help doctors in the diagnosis and prognosis of diabetic patients with or without complications, helping with diabetes early diagnosis, and early detection of long-term complications in diabetes patients, which results in improving quality of life in diabetic patients.

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Submitted by10 Sep 2023
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