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Generative AI is now the Last Minute Offer, another Buzzword promised to Revolutionize Education, like EdTech without Ed Expertise

20/01/2024| By
RL RL Roth

Generative AI is a broad buzzword with potential to improve education, but it should not replace human interaction and socialization in the classroom. AI is not just another unintelligent system, and it still requires training for those involved. What kind of intelligent system requires training and does not adapt to the needs of educators and probably even students? Once AI takes over the roles and responsibilities of teachers, professors, and students, will there still be a need for human educators and students? Artificial Intelligence, like everything in life, has both positive and negative aspects as it mimics the imperfect world we live in. It is important to note that AI will never be exempt from these imperfections and is directly dependent on the development guidelines and databases used to train it. Many of these databases, including information, images, and videos, often ignore the authors' copyrights. An innovation can be socially useful and solve current and future social challenges without being completely new or started by pioneers, innovators, or startups.

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Submitted by20 Jan 2024
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RL Roth
Università Ca'​ Foscari di Venezia
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