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Technologies in Peace and Conflict: Unraveling the Politics of Deployment

15/05/2024| By
Jing Jing Ge

The research explores the intricate intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), technology deployment, and global governance in the context of international security and conflict dynamics. Focusing on the evolving landscape shaped by emerging technologies like AI and GenAI, the discussion delves into the nuanced regulatory approaches adopted by the US and China. Key insights reveal the multifaceted impacts of AI, ranging from enhancing peacekeeping capabilities to posing significant threats through deepfakes and misinformation campaigns. The research emphasizes the necessity of robust AI regulations that transcend mere reactive measures, advocating for proactive, structural interventions to address systemic issues. Also, in highlighting the divergent regulatory frameworks of the US and China, this research underscores the imperative for transparency, accountability, and ethical governance in AI development and deployment. The examination also underscores the importance of incorporating democratic principles into international governance mechanisms surrounding technology standards. In the end, this research underscores the pivotal role of AI in reshaping global power dynamics, urging a concerted effort towards leveraging technology for positive peace and mitigating its potential for structural violence. By embracing inclusive, multi-stakeholder approaches, governments and tech stakeholders can forge a path towards responsible and sustainable technological advancements that prioritize human security and international stability.

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Submitted by15 May 2024
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Jing Ge
Florida International University
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