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Dr Dinesh Kacha
Benmoon Pharma Research

Dr. Dinesh Kacha holds Excellent command over research, experimentation through knowledge of and inherent interest in subjects such as Diabetes, PCOD, Obestiy & Cancer. Dedication and passion towards cancer research to increase the body of scientific knowledge on topics related to medicine from investigating the underlying basis of health or disease, to conducting clinical research and investigating methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disorders. Understanding the role of Ayurveda, Dr. Dinesh Kacha succeeded in healing many patients with different ailments including fatal diseases. With unshaken commitment to the service of humanity, Dr. Dinesh Kacha became a savior of thousands of people suffering from peculiar diseases. With his immense researches Dr. Dinesh Kacha execute a wide range of highly innovative products that are of natural origin offering supreme ability to provide ayurvedic products are designed to restore your body energy to provide you healthy life.
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Cancer Research Anti-Cancer Activity PHPC Compound
06/06/2023| By
Dr Dinesh Dr Dinesh Kacha

The research reports that covers cytotoxicity study evaluated for cytotoxicity against human adenocarcinoma cell for performing Anti - Cancer Activity effect on cellular DNA damage with his research called PHPC Compound has shown significant reduction in occurrence of tumor, reduction in tumor size and volume, having conducting clinical researches, investigating methods of prevention, diagnosis & treatment studies for several years and have led Dr. Dinesh Kacha for this global recognition. The results revealed that the formulation showed significant cytotoxicity on cell line. Overall, the cell growth inhibition by the PHPC observed in this study synergistic response rates. In brief, PHPC Compound has showing promising level of results in experimental models.