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Fatemeh Amirbeiki Tafti
Technische Universität Dresden

05/12/2022| By
Fatemeh Fatemeh Amirbeiki Tafti,
Gesine Gesine Marquardt

(1)Objectives: This paper explores architects’ opinions on the implementation of nat-ural blue elements (sky and water) in windowless areas of healthcare facilities specifi-cally computerized tomography (CT) scan environments (2)Background: Compared to green elements, there exists little evidence about the beneficial aspects of exposure to blue elements in healthcare facilities. (3)Methods: Participants were architects in-volved in designing healthcare settings and an online photo questionnaire was distrib-uted among them: 25 responses were analyzed. It was followed by 6 semi-structured interviews. All participants evaluated the restorative qualities of 1)Sky panel on the ceiling of CT room, 2)Water pool adjacent to the wall between CT and control room, 3)Sky panel on the wall in front of the door to the CT room, 4)Water pool behind the glass wall in CT room, 5)Sky panel on the ceiling of changing room, 6)Sky panel on the wall of changing room.(4)Results: According to architects’ opinion, exposure to the sky panel on the ceiling of CT room and exposure to water pool behind the glass wall in CT room might create a more restorative environment. Furthermore, architects regarded implementing interventions such as adding movement to the content of blue elements, considering specific architectural layouts, considering specific size of sky panel and adding water wall are capable to increase the positive influences of blue elements on reducing patients’ stress. (5)Conclusions: The findings aim to increase awareness regarding blue elements’ role specifically water among architects as a group who design environments that cater to the patients’ needs.