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Grace Rutherford
Stanford Online High School

I'm interested in clinical psychology and philosophy (a strange combination, but it works). My career paths in the future are directed towards clinical psychology and research, but I have a passion for ethics, leadership, and philosophical areas. I'm also a very artistic person, having performed in several theater productions at local high schools. I love Broadway and theater, and I'd honestly rather listen to classical and 70s than any recent, popular artists. In my free time, although there isn't much of it, I enjoy walks, stargazing through my telescope (really just moon-gazing), singing, drawing/painting, photography, creative writing, and listening to true-crime podcasts. I also love to read and garden!

20 May 2023| By
Grace Grace Rutherford,
Nicholas Nicholas Rutherford

This paper explores the correlation between binge eating behaviors and depression symptoms in adolescents. Understanding this relationship is crucial for effective diagnosis and treatment of these prevalent mental health conditions. The study involved 100 adolescents aged 13-19 years, utilizing standardized scales to measure binge eating behaviors and depression symptoms. Results showed a positive linear...

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