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Mohammad Toyon
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Introduction to research: Mastering the basics
01/12/2023| By
Mohammad Mohammad Toyon

This paper provides an in-depth introduction to research methods and discusses numerous aspects related to the research process. It begins with an overview of research—what it is, why it is important, what forms it might take, and what its fundamental components are—before shifting its attention to the design of research and the benefits and drawbacks of various approaches. In addition, the article details the purpose of and procedures for a literature review. Data collection, its varieties, technique selection, validity, and reliability are then addressed. Ethics in research and guidelines for research are also discussed, along with the various types of data analysis, and how results should be obtained. In addition, the paper covers topics such as reference and citation management. This paper takes a narrative approach to summarising the scholarly resources useful for introductory-level coursework in research method. Both research and writing are never-ending processes, with endless opportunities for improvement. However, the compilation of essential academic resources might help university students, researchers and research method instructors.