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Priya Boby

I am an architect passionate about sustainable architecture. My qualifications are M.Arch from Northumbria University in the UK and LEED AP BD+C. I believe teaching is a noble profession and that research by the architecture community will pave the way for a sustainable future.

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A review of post pandemic healthcare design
15/07/2022| By
Priya Priya Boby,
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Prof Dr Prabjot Prof Dr Prabjot Sugga

The emergence of the COVID-19 virus has forced humanity to rethink the design of hospitals and prepare for probable future outbreaks. Even before the pandemic, there was a causal link between the design of hospitals and the spread of nosocomial infections. Also, previous studies have revealed correlations between climate change and the increased rate of the spread of infectious diseases. Hence, this review created a framework of strategies for pandemic resilient and sustainable hospitals while emphasising the role of architects in health promotion. The study conducted a qualitative content analysis of existing studies on the design of healthcare facilities post-pandemic to build the framework of strategies. The research was organised into short-, medium- and long-term measures for pandemic resilient design. The study has demonstrated that the framework for the space planning, ventilation and material specification of hospitals must be revised for pandemic resilient hospitals. The findings reveal that most of the design strategies that can control the spread of infection in a healthcare facility could also be a panacea for decreasing the carbon footprint of the hospitals. Nonetheless, the paper has established the need for further interdisciplinary study on design strategies for impending pandemics and applicable to all building typologies.