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Saina Kakkar

03/02/2023| By
Saina Saina Kakkar

The adoption of online-based learning and the internet has had both a positive impact on students. This study aims to understand how social media literacy, guardian supervision, and self-discipline affects Online Privacy Risk during the Covid19 pandemic in India. This paper elaborated a quantitative method with SEM-PLS to raise the comprehension of the phenomenon studied. A questionnaire was voluntarily responded to approximately 300 high school students who engaged in online-based learning. The structural equation modeling estimation indicates that social media literacy, guardian supervision, and self-discipline influences Online Privacy Risk. However, guardian supervision failed in promoting students' self-discipline. These findings suggest that both social media literacy and guardian supervision needs to be penetrated to reduce the impact of Online Privacy Risk in the teaching and learning process. This is the first step for schools and parents’ alertness in assisting and considering the appropriate and safe media using technology