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दुमी भाषाको परिचय (Introduction to Dumi Language)

25/02/2023| By
Ram Ram Rai

The language spoken as their mother tongue by the Dumi Rais who live in the surroundings of Rawa and Tapkhola in Khotang district is Dumi language. Since Kirat is a language of the Rai family, it is a language of the Bhot-Burmese family. It is a language spoken by a small number of Dumi Rais and has reached the struggle of extinction after falling under the influence of other homogenous Rai languages and Nepali language. Even though it is spoken in a small area, because there is a lot of diversity in this language, scholars have found its social variations or dialects. In this language of Bhot Burmese family, 25 consonants of the Nepali alphabet and the vowels a, a:, i, u, e and o are used in both long and short forms. Similarly, like other languages of the Bhot Burmese family, Dumi language also has monosyllabic original words.

Submitted by25 Feb 2023
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Dr. Ram Rai
Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal
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