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Serhii Yaremko

Hi there 👋! I am Serhii Yaremko, the citizen of Ukraine (I live in the city of Vinnytsia), who was born November 29, 1979. I am the former teacher of physics and Informatics, and currently I am exploring the set of literary clichés.

05/08/2023| By
Serhii Serhii Yaremko

Many people around the world have idea about the Morphology of the folktale today. In article One of the Ways the Functions of Dramatis Personae Discovered by Vladimir Propp to be Interpreted, I have shown that those functions are part of a set of literary clichés only. During the writing that paper, I was using my previous work Literary Clichés and the Era of Revolutions mainly in which I have formulated the concept of "Elementary episode" as well. That concept will be very useful during scientific exploration of literature. Now, I want to introduce the readers with it.

01/08/2023| By
Serhii Serhii Yaremko

The name of Vladimir Propp and the title of his book "Morphology of the folktale" both are well-known in the world, not for only the literary specialists, today. Many scholars try to find the Functions of dramatis personae in various writings or films, we can see it during watching videos on YouTube or reading science articles (both the ways are equal in my opinion). But what they actually mean, those "Functions of dramatis personae" (I have found the concept of "Functions of Propp" once as well)? Okey, not actually but in general. In this paper I am showing one of the way to answer the question.

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Literary Clichés and the Era of Revolutions
25/07/2023| By
Серж Серж Я.

This article, using mostly the movie clichés, reveals the deep connection between often un-valued literary clichés and the Era of Revolutions in the human history; it is the continuation of the well-known Morphology of the folktale at the same time. For those readers who have idea about the Six main plot archetypes in literature, discovered by Prof Matthew Jockers, such an article is able to provide another one illustration for that concept as well.