Antreas Kantaros
University of West Attica
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Setting up a Digital Twin Assisted Greenhouse Architecture
5 Dec 2022| By
Antreas Antreas Kantaros,
Dimitrios Dimitrios Piromalis

The present article contains a study about utilizing the Digital Twins concept in the field of contemporary agricultural production. Through this study, an exemplary architecture has been developed regarding the conversion of a conventional greenhouse to a digital greenhouse. A digital greenhouse modus operandi features a great number of advantages...

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2 Dec 2022| By
Antreas Antreas Kantaros

In the last decade, additive manufacturing techniques, commonly known under the term "3d printing" have seen constantly increasing use in various scientific fields. The nature of these fabrication techniques that operate under a layer-by-layer material deposition principle features several de facto advantages, compared to traditional manufacturing techniques. These advantages range...

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