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Recent Publications

28/08/2023| By
Marco Marco Hoozemans,
+ 1
Dirkjan Dirkjan Veeger

An important performance determinant in wheelchair sports is the power exchanged between the athlete-wheelchair combination and the environment, in short, mechanical power. To monitor the mechanical power during wheelchair sports practice, inertial measurement units (IMUs) might be used. However, a well-founded and unambiguous theoretical framework that follows the dynamics of manual wheelchair propulsion is required to validly apply IMUs for mechanical power assessment in wheelchair sports. Such a framework does not yet exist. Therefore, this research has two goals. First, to present a theoretical framework that supports the use of IMUs to estimate power output via power balance equations. Second, to create a set of guidelines on how to use IMUs to monitor mechanical power during wheelchair propulsion supported by experimental data. After verifying the theoretical framework, an IMU model was defined. Subsequently, the validity of the IMU model and underlying assumptions was determined. Therefore, power was estimated from IMU data during wheelchair propulsion and was subsequently compared to gold standard optical motion capture data. Data was collected from eleven participants without wheelchair experience propelled an all-court sports wheelchair on a large treadmill. At the same time, kinematics were measured using two IMUs and an optical motion capture system. The results reveal that, with a proper drag or deceleration test, one IMU on the wheelchair frame and one IMU on the wheel axis, decent power estimations can be obtained in daily wheelchair (sports) practice. To conclude, the theoretical framework and the resulting IMU-based power is thus well suitable to estimate mechanical power during straight-line wheelchair propulsion in wheelchair court sports and daily wheelchair practice, and it is an important first step towards feasible power estimations in all wheelchair (sports) situations.

01/08/2023| By
Serhii Serhii Yaremko

The name of Vladimir Propp and the title of his book "Morphology of the folktale" both are well-known in the world, not for only the literary specialists, today. Many scholars try to find the Functions of dramatis personae in various writings or films, we can see it during watching videos on YouTube or reading science articles (both the ways are equal in my opinion). But what they actually mean, those "Functions of dramatis personae" (I have found the concept of "Functions of Propp" once as well)? Okey, not actually but in general. In this paper I am showing one of the way to answer the question.

12/07/2023| By
Athra Athra AlKaabi,
Moetaz Moetaz Elsergany

Since the 1950s, plastic manufacturers have produced around 8.3 billion tons of plastic globally. There is a massive use of plastic in all aspects of life, Some of the used plastics have a very short life cycle and end up being disposed of in landfills or dumped in the sea. Also, some plastic products, such as bags, and plastic films used as packaging material, may end up littered everywhere in the terrestrial environment. Because of its physical properties, plastic waste can pose a risk to the livestock population as well as other animals that may accidentally eat it. The aim of this study is to investigate the risk associated with plastic waste littering on livestock such as Camels in one of the selected areas in the UAE, as well as examine possible solutions that can mitigate the risk of plastic littering on livestock.

Version 1
Political Science
The Challenges for Urban Warfare in the 21st Century?
06/07/2023| By
Piyush Plabon Piyush Plabon Das

Humankind has been engaging in warfare since the dawn of civilisation. The birth of the infantry can be dated back to 600-350 BC when the success of sophisticated, intense, irrigated forms of agriculture sweeping across the plains of Egypt and the Near East meant that a sizeable group of men could divert their attention towards moulding metals into weapons and raising horses to draw chariots. However, it was not just the metals and horses that resulted in the inauguration of the infantry. Rather, it was the complex socio-economic way of life evolving around these settlements that resulted in the need for an infantry ; to defend the town these settlers were a part of or to annex other lands. This was evident for Rome during the third century BC, when it began to expand its territory, against the Greeks and Macedonians towards the east and against the Carthage towards the west and south. Moreover, the three Punic Wars proved that the Roman military infrastructure was well organised and superior to the point that even the relatively smaller infantries could win wars if these wars took place in or around Italy . Essentially, the cities of Italy were paramount to the infantry and its success. Thus, towns and cities have always been crucial plots in warfare.

22/05/2023| By
Qasim Qasim Ajao,
+ 1
Lanre Gbenga Lanre Gbenga Sadeeq

Mobile payment has become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of smartphones and their applications. However, its adoption in African countries has been limited, despite its potential to simplify our lives. This study aims to enhance our understanding of the factors that affect the acceptance of mobile payment in Nigeria. To achieve this, the paper explores the impact of "network externalities" in addition to traditional technology acceptance factors. The study hypothesizes that the key drivers of mobile payment acceptance are performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, trust, and network externality. The research findings suggest that while traditional drivers still play a role in customers' willingness to adopt mobile payment, network externalities have the strongest impact. Although the results did not support the influence of effort expectancy, the paper provides recommendations for future research.

12/05/2023| By
Qasim Qasim Ajao,
Makhluk Hossain Makhluk Hossain Prio

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of recent advancements in autonomous electric vehicle (AEV) within the specified region. It elaborates on the progress and comparative analysis of diverse subsystems, including energy storage, cell balancing for battery systems, vehicle charger layouts, electric vehicle motor mechanisms, and braking systems. Furthermore, this paper showcases several prototype autonomous electric vehicles as conclusive study findings.

12/05/2023| By
Li Li Tang,
+ 1
Guangyuan Guangyuan Hu

This research reviews and delineates the status quo and dynamics of studies on the international influence and the power of academic discourse. It develops an integrated theoretical framework on evaluating the global impact and contribution of social science and applies it to the field of China’s political science research. Based on about two million of global bibliometric information, the research reveals that China is still not yet a major player in the arena of political sciences, but the impact and contribution of Chinese political scientists have increasingly dramatically over the period of 2001 and 2020 with highly unbalanced power at different themes. The study contributes to a dialogue between normative research and empirical investigations on the global power of academic discourse of social science research. Policy implications on research assessment are also discussed in the end.

10/05/2023| By
Niki Niki Vermeulen,
+ 4
Mayline Mayline Strouk

The University of Edinburgh is involved in a range of strategic partnerships, and noticed a lack of consistent, aligned evaluation practices. It proved a challenge to assess whether to enter into an agreement with a potential partner, or whether a strategic partnership indeed delivered its expectations, let alone to discuss this with their strategic partners. They invited five of their strategic partners to join hands to develop an evaluation framework, based on state-of-the-art literature leading to clear assessments of strategic partnerships. Leiden University’s CWTS and the University of Edinburgh's Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS) were asked to contribute to the project given expertise in research governance and assessment, including collaboration and internationalization. We decided to co-create the framework with the international officers, which resulted in an evaluation framework. This looks unlike anything imagined, but it is changing the way in which evaluation thinking is integrated in practice.

07/05/2023| By
Tridhaman Tridhaman Batra Walia

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have become a major cause of death worldwide, with an increasing number of fatalities attributed to cardiac arrest. This paper examines the need for government investment in research for better treatments and preventive measures to combat the rising prevalence of CVD. The American Health Association's data indicates a concerning increase in deaths due to cardiac arrest, highlighting the urgent need for effective strategies. Lifestyle factors, genetic predisposition, and underlying conditions contribute to the development of CVD. Treatment methods range from medication to surgical interventions, while lifestyle changes play a crucial role in prevention. Recent advancements in cardiac disease research, including gene therapy and diagnostic tools, offer promising treatment options. However, the research process faces economic challenges that require substantial financial resources. Securing funding through government support, partnerships, and philanthropic endeavors can alleviate these obstacles. Implementing preventive measures presents its own challenges, including changing behaviors and overcoming industry resistance. Public health campaigns and education programs can foster a culture of prevention. A comprehensive approach is necessary, emphasizing both research for better treatments and preventive measures. Governments must allocate increased funding, collaborate with stakeholders, and implement policies that promote healthy behaviors. Striking a balance between treatment and prevention is key to reducing the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and improving overall population health.

07/05/2023| By
Indrajit Indrajit Wadgave

Noise pollution is increasing in this era as countries' development is faster. This noise pollution causes serious non-auditory effects on human health. As a result, it needs effective controls on noise pollution. Hence, use a natural fibrereinforced composite for acoustical applications. Natural fibre-reinforced composites have various benefits, such as being eco-friendly, easy to manufacture, and effective in cost, and natural fibre improves the sound absorption, mechanical strength, and structural stability of the composite. The present review describes various techniques for measuring the acoustical and mechanical characteristics of natural fibre-reinforced composites. In addition to these acoustical (sound absorption coefficient, sound transmission losses, etc.) and mechanical (tensile, flexural, impact, etc.) characteristics are reviewed. Furthermore, this review paper studied an influencing parameter that affects the acoustical and mechanical characteristics of natural fibre-reinforced composites. these influencing parameters, such as fibre properties, density, porosity, sample thickness, binder amount, and filler material. In natural fibre-reinforced composites, increasing the percentage of the fibre density, binder amount, and filler material enhances sound absorption and mechanical strength, but these parameters have certain limitations, and crossing the limitation decreases the characteristics. reduce the porosity, decrease sound absorption, and increase sample thickness to increase acoustical characteristics. The conclusion states that the acoustical and mechanical characteristics of natural fibre-reinforced composites are enhanced when considering the performance-influencing parameters.