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10 Mar 2023| By
samson samson odhiambo otieno

This paper analyzes family dynamics and conflicts in August Wilson’s play, Fences. Family dynamics refer to the patterns that guide how family members interact with each other. They are usually defined by the way family members communicate and relate with each other, their roles within the family and how they...

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1 Mar 2023| By
Putu Bayu Wikranta Kusuma Putu Bayu Wikranta Kusuma Jaya

Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk melihat kesesuaian model-model semiotika dalam upaya menganalisis objek musik. Berdasarkan model semiotika tokoh-tokoh terkait, musik sebagai objek analisis tidak dapat kompatibel dengan model yang dihadirkan oleh Peirce dan Barthes, utamanya dalam ketentuan bagian objek. Dalam model Saussure, ketentuan akan objek adalah referensi di luar model,...

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La Comisión de la Verdad Resultados en Puerto Lopez Meta
11 Nov 2022| By
Blanca Rocio Blanca Rocio Suarez Bernal

The town of Puerto Lopez in Meta Department in Colombia has not been hidden from the army conflict in this country, but their inhabitants were not so affected by because with their return also they returned to their customs and origins. In the pedagogical practice about the Commission of the...

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21 Oct 2022| By
Carina Carina Fernández Lisso

La metafísica de Macedonio Fernández pone en la sensibilidad la instancia fundadora del valor y contenido de los conceptos. Bajo esta postulación, el pensamiento es conducido hacia una disolución de la estructura de la representación moderna del mundo para crear y contraponer otras formas de concebir realidad e irrealidad. El presente trabajo es un...

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