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Criptodivisas: ¿una disrupción jurídica en la eurozona?
24 Mar 2023| By
M. Carmen M. Carmen Pastor

La tecnología Blockchain despierta un creciente interés entre los ciudadanos, empresas y legisladores de la Unión Europea. No obstante, acerca de la tecnología de Blockchain, se sigue más de cerca un área en particular, la moneda. El Banco central europeo (BCE), en su informe de febrero 2015 sobre monedas virtuales...

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Why do we do science?
14 Mar 2023| By
Steven Steven Flipse,
Éva Éva Kalmár

In this opinion article we address an issue that has been emerging for some time now within the academic community: how do we align our personal career perspectives with ideas of democratic, open and inclusive research & innovation strategies? We address this issue and voice our concerns regarding the governance of this alignment...

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12 Mar 2023| By
Michael Michael Nnaji,
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Princewill Princewill Ikpeka

Water alternating gas (WAG) processes are usually applied in gas floods to improve oil recovery. However, the best time to inject gas during WAG enhanced oil recovery process is a major challenge in the petroleum industry. Some of the factors that affect WAG performance were investigated using Schlumberger ECLIPSE 100...

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10 Mar 2023| By
samson samson odhiambo otieno

This paper analyzes family dynamics and conflicts in August Wilson’s play, Fences. Family dynamics refer to the patterns that guide how family members interact with each other. They are usually defined by the way family members communicate and relate with each other, their roles within the family and how they...

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3 Mar 2023| By
Barnaby Barnaby Collins,
Steven Steven Bradley

In modern music, sound synthesisers are everywhere. A sound synthesiser (henceforth ‘synthesiser’) is a physical or software device which generates a sound based on some set of input parameters. These devices have an extremely steep learning curve, and often require significant financial investment, so have very low accessibility. In this...

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1 Mar 2023| By
Putu Bayu Wikranta Kusuma Putu Bayu Wikranta Kusuma Jaya

Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk melihat kesesuaian model-model semiotika dalam upaya menganalisis objek musik. Berdasarkan model semiotika tokoh-tokoh terkait, musik sebagai objek analisis tidak dapat kompatibel dengan model yang dihadirkan oleh Peirce dan Barthes, utamanya dalam ketentuan bagian objek. Dalam model Saussure, ketentuan akan objek adalah referensi di luar model,...

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28 Feb 2023| By
Andrea Andrea Gómez Mayordomo

River-gods may appear in the Roman musivaria alone without others figures, usually including a symbolic message as an allegory of fertility; or forming part of more complex compositions in which certain scenes are represented connected to the myths, narrated by classical authors such as Apolodoro or Ovid Likewise, itisvery common there presentation of fluvial...

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28 Feb 2023| By
Jantachum Jantachum Jantachum,
+ 1
Songkot Songkot Utara

This study examined the effect of cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) loading on curing characteristics and mechanical properties of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR)/natural rubber (NR) nanocomposites. The blend ratio of NBR and NR was kept constant at 50/50, excluding the raw NBR (NBR100). Four distinct samples with different CNC loadings, in parts per...

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25 Feb 2023| By
Ram Ram Rai

The language spoken as their mother tongue by the Dumi Rais who live in the surroundings of Rawa and Tapkhola in Khotang district is Dumi language. Since Kirat is a language of the Rai family, it is a language of the Bhot-Burmese family. It is a language spoken by a...

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Mobile App for Addressing Social Issue to PMC Using React Native.
23 Feb 2023| By
Pratik Pratik Nichit,
+ 2
Yash Yash Thakare

Numerous services, including urban biodiversity and eco-systems, water and waste water management, sanitation, solid waste management, traffic and transportation (PMPL), energy, and climate change are offered to Pune residents by the Pune Municipal Corporation. This survey paper discusses how the smart city grievance reporting system will alter how complaints are...

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