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Orvium Education
Para la Creación de un Sistema Educativo Modular
12/06/2024| By
Marcelo Marcelo Storoszczuk Durán

El presente artículo aborda la urgente necesidad de adaptación del sistema educativo a las cambiantes tendencias del mundo moderno. En un contexto donde las transformaciones tecnológicas y laborales se suceden a un ritmo vertiginoso, las reformas educativas tradicionales se enfrentan al desafío de volverse obsoletas antes de ser completamente implementadas y evaluadas. En este sentido, se destaca la importancia de replantear los fundamentos del sistema educativo mediante la introducción de un nuevo paradigma: el Sistema Educativo Modular (SEM). Este enfoque busca proporcionar una solución efectiva y sostenible al problema de la obsolescencia acelerada de las reformas educativas. Se propone un sistema altamente adaptable y flexible, capaz de ajustarse ágilmente a las demandas cambiantes del entorno. El Sistema Educativo Modular se fundamenta en la creación de un marco estructural que permita la fácil modificación de sus componentes clave, desde los programas de estudio hasta los métodos de evaluación.

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Religious Sciences
The role of church
07/06/2024| By
Alex Alex Rangus

The church plays a crucial role in spreading the word of God among people worldwide. It can be viewed as the creation of men made to serve their need to worship, express love to the Deity, and seek advice. However, it is also a communion of saints, a union of followers, and a holy place guided and brought closer to God by the Holy Spirit. This essay will discuss the complex relationship between the Holy Spirit, the church, and its works, as well as the perfection and imperfection of the church as a reflection of imperfect reality.

03/06/2024| By
Karin Karin Høyland

This project examines the practices of six Norwegian municipalities, which in a va-riety of ways are trying to enable mentally disabled residents to build or buy their own homes. The survey has confirmed some previous findings: the financing model operat-ed by the Norwegian State Housing Bank makes it possible for many mentally disabled persons to purchase homes on the ordinary housing market. However, even though private developers are without exception friendly, this appears to be a complicated and resource-demanding process. The cases show how municipalities can enable better processes in different ways. Leaving home can be a major upheaval both for young mentally disabled people and their parents, entailing changes in the young person’s re-sponsibilities, personal economy, and sense of independence. The overall objective is achieving inclusivity. Some of the homes are quite ordinary and are located among other similar homes, but our findings indicate that to date, residents experience little or no positive interaction with their other neighbors. Natural meeting places and commu-nal areas dedicated to entire neighborhoods occur only rarely in new housing projects. If we are to meet the objectives of inclusivity and participation, we have to expand our focus and not only look at the homes but also at the neighborhood in which the resi-dents shall be included.

03/05/2024| By
Pius Pius Jimmy

This research explores the intricate ethical landscape of pain management in Maltese family medicine, emphasizing the delicate balance between opioid prescribing practices and patient well-being, and aiming to balance effective patient care while minimizing the risk of addiction. Rooted in Beauchamp and Childress’ ethical principles, the study aims to provide nuanced insights into local and global considerations, including deontological theories, rights-based ethics, communitarianism, and ethics of care. By employing a mixedmethods approach, the research seeks to inform evidence-based guidelines, enhance practitioner training, and foster community dialogue. Through a comprehensive exploration, the findings aspire to contribute not only to the refinement of local practices but also to the broader international discourse on responsible and patient-centred pain management

22/04/2024| By
Lawrence Festus Lawrence Festus Schandorf

Initially supply chain profits and costs were exclusively positioned as financial or economic costs but over the years logistical activities were observed to have direct impacts on the environmental and social profits and costs that affect the environment through pollution and waste of resources, the health and the safety of people and social corporate responsibility. Cocoa Processing Company Limited still relies only on hydro-electricity and fossil fuel for its primary and supporting activities which is a managerial problem that has to be solved due to unreliable prices and supply of these energy sources. Ghana has an installed capacity of renewable energy of about 2% and the government is looking at ways to increase this figure to 10% by 2020 from the use of solar, wind and bioenergy alternative energy sources (Afrelec, 2017). CPC can go green by using efficient renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, biofuel, biomass and even wind to reduce cost of operations by supporting electricity usage since its high energy consumption contributes largely on its cost of operations. The above project is a case study that is aimed at ascertaining the long term necessity of investing into clean and lean logistics. Hence, the main purpose of this project is to incorporate green logistics into the logistical activities of Cocoa Processing Company Limited (CPC). It is for this reason that the research will use the qualitative method to retrieve information from customers, so as to perform a value chain analysis and use the quantitative method by the analysis of data for a trend in electricity consumption of CPC. The aim of logistical activities is to coordinate all activities in the supply chain hence these concepts of green logistics has to be implemented in a way that does not negatively affect meeting customer requirements and shareholder equity but rather further minimize costs economically, environmentally and socially. The overall study objective is to analyze the trend in energy consumption levels of CPC and ascertain if its operations can be powered with other alternative sources of energy to reduce electricity consumption. The study will allow CPC and other manufacturing industries realize the validity of investing into cleaner and efficient activities in moving products and information for long term high expected rates of returns to its shareholders although it may have high initial costs. It will also This study will help CPC leverage on alternative energy which will reduce operations costs in terms of energy consumption and make the value chain leaner if implemented by CPC, thereby improving profitability in cost leadership and in the long run aid in reducing energy wastage, transportation costs and pollution. It will also provide an insight into concepts such value chain analysis and the trend analysis of a manufacturing company for the use by scholars in similar future studies. It is therefore time for CPC to use green logistics in the aspects of energy consumption to save on operational cost while protecting the environment in the long time whiles avoiding the backlash of the unreliable power supply in Ghana. It is for this reason that the case study has the title “The use of green logistics: The way forward for Cocoa Processing Company Limited (CPC)”.

18/04/2024| By
Stéphane Stéphane Caporali

This article aims to explore the affinity between thermodynamic and blockchain. An approach is presenting consisting of comparing the PoW process and an inverse Carnot cycle with the proposal of abstract space-time parameters. This opens a thought on where the trust is and how to model the state machine associated with blockchain consensus towards a possible architecture based on a layer model with a consensus layer. This paper presents a theoretical approach to fundamental issues related to blockchain and is both educational.

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Orvium Community
17/04/2024| By
Dr Bhadrappa Dr Bhadrappa Haralayya

Estimation of beneficial proficiency has yielded conflicting results due to contrasts in meanings of the sources of info and yields of the gainful procedure, bringing about almost the same number of meanings of information sources, yields and firm productivity as there are articles regarding the matter. This proceeded with absence of agreement in characterizing information sources and yields has lead to issues of overlooked factors just as clashing mixes of data sources as well as yields between articles. The beneficial effectiveness writing has inspected the wellsprings of wasteful aspects, concentrating on specialized, allocative and scale wasteful aspects. This article looks at working and financing wasteful aspects as parts of profitable wastefulness. For both working and financing wastefulness, the conventional ideas of specialized and allocative effectiveness still apply. Working wasteful aspects emerge from the choices made when obtaining components of production and the decisions made in the production of merchandise and enterprises, bringing about the age of lower money streams than generally conceivable. Financing wasteful aspects are the aftereffect of the decisions made while raising obligation and equitycapital making the firm cause more prominent expenses than would normally be appropriate consequently producing less resources accessible for usage in the present and resulting periods in this manner diminishing future working effectiveness. This detachment has not been tended to in the writing. The accounting report is made out of absolute resources, which are the wellspring of benefits created by the firm, and liabilities and value, which are the wellsprings of financing for the firm. Total compensation is a record of the BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS ISBN:978-93-94676-00-8 Page 45 benefits produced by the firm just as the results of its financing decisions. Accordingly, the accounting report fills in as the legitimate hotspot for discovering inputs and the pay articulation fills in as the consistent hotspot for discovering yields.

07/04/2024| By
Osaretin Osaretin Agbonavbare,
+ 1
Ismaila Ismaila Adeleke

Library anxiety is a type of fear that is associated with library user who becomes uncomfortable when using the library and its facilities. The aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between affective tendency, sex and library anxiety among undergraduate students and it’s implications for counselling using University of Benin as case study. A correlational research design was used to select a sample size of 200 from a population of 1546 registered users using simple random technique. Data was collected using the Affective Tendency and Library Anxiety Scale (ATLAS) adapted from Bostick (1992). The reliability was determined at 0.83 Cronbach Alpha. The results indicated there is no significant relationship between affective tendency and library anxiety, while sex differ significantly with library anxiety. Counsellors should engage students on orientation programmes and give out guidelines on how to study and read effectively in the library.

21/03/2024| By
Jonathan Syah Jonathan Syah Putra,
+ 5
Jeshua Jeshua Nathanael

This study aims at investigating the challenges of being a double minority and the impact of societal expectations on their sense of self in Gene Luen Yang's graphic novel, "American Born Chinese," exploring the themes of identity, racism, and discrimination prevalent within the narrative. Distinguishing novels from graphic novels, the study emphasizes the unique storytelling method of graphic novels, utilizing pictures with dialogue bubbles to convey complex and specific stories. The discussion centers on the novel's three interconnected stories featuring a monkey deity, Jin Wang, a Chinese boy facing bullying, and an American authentically Chinese individual named Jin Wang, addresses the issue of racism, particularly focusing on the superiority of white society and the stereotypes associated with the Chinese in American society, the Post-colonialism theory by Robert J. C. Young (2001) was used in the analysis. As a result: 1) Racism as the Central Theme: The racism is the central and overarching theme of the graphic novel. It explores how the narrative effectively portrays instances of racial discrimination and stereotypes, particularly focusing on the superiority of white supremacy and the negative perceptions associated with the Chinese in American society. 2) Impact on Identity: it shows the profound impact of racism on identity, emphasizing the challenges faced by the characters, especially Jin Wang, as a double minority; the struggles of being an American-born Chinese with a different belief system (Confucianism) and 3) It eventually shows the character’s identity reconstruction rather than a manifestation of identity crisis. The narrative encourages readers to reflect on the negative impact of racism, discrimination, and the importance of embracing one's true identity. Ultimately, the analysis serves as both an educational tool and a critique of societal issues, promoting empathy and understanding in the face of adversity.

21/03/2024| By
Andreas Andreas Tano,
Sheva Immanuel Sheva Immanuel Simanjuntak

This study aims at showing the biases of two contrast movies, ‘The Fighter Pilot’ on the Japanese side and ‘Saving Private Ryan’ on the American side in the context of New Historicism. Having the two movies analyzed, the New Historicism theory by Stephen Greenblatt (2011) was used to reveal the motives of both works. Two contextual aspects of the narratives were contrasted, ‘Idealized Image" vs. Realism’. Hence, the cinematography aspects of both movies were also analyzed to reveal the emotional impacts and the motives of the characters. As a result: 1) Emphasizing the themes of sacrifice, friendship, and loyalty, "The Fighter Pilot" presents an idealized image of Japanese fighter pilots during WWII, romanticizing their heroism, sacrifices, and positive qualities. 2) The portrayal of the American soldiers in the ‘Saving Private Ryan’ shows an idealized image of virtuous, patriotic, and brave individuals dedicated to duty, peacekeeping, and sacrifice for the greater good, using cinematic techniques to enhance heroism, while depicting the chaos and horrors of war, including the emotional toll on soldiers and moral dilemmas in the same era. 3) Both movies avoid depicting unpleasant scenes of WWII, contributing to a one-sided perspective that compromises the historical accuracy by selectively portraying narratives to fit a particular motive. Thus, historical movies can be a tool for shaping one’s perspective on historical events either to remember or to forget certain occurrences.

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